Corporate Culture

Aggie Owned and Operated

"The Aggie Owned and Operated program allows Texas A&M to engage with businesses across the state of Texas and tap into the passion that exists through our former students," said Jason Cook, A&M's V-P of marketing and communications. "When patrons walk into an Aggie Owned and Operated business, they will know that their experience will be based on Texas A&M's core values -- that they will have an excellent experience and will be treated with the highest levels of integrity and respect.

Many of the employees that work for WireStar are former and current Texas A&M students. We continually train and educated students through on campus presentations, student internships, and part-time jobs that work around students schedules. For more information please check out our careers page.

Green Company

Here at WireStar we all about being green and trying to save our environment. Many of our core business practices were built around being a green company even though we bleed maroon. For example, by default we only send out electronic invoices and receipts by email, and charge customers a fee if they want us to send them a paper bill. Other providers try to reward customers who prefer email communications, but we penalize those who don’t commit to becoming green in the first place. This ensures that a high percentage of our customers will commit to being green by default, and those who don’t will have to pay the cost for abusing our environment.

Many of the telecommunications hardware suppliers we use to power our network are Green companies. Their products we buy from them conform to worldwide RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances 2002/95/EC) directives, and all applicable environmental laws and regulations. Many of our hardware suppliers, such as Adtran, have lengthy sustainability and environmental programs designed to reduce greenhouse emissions. By utilizing Adtran and other similar vendors we ensure that all parts of our network are as green as possible, and try to push each of our employees, customers, and vendors to think green as much as possible.