Executive Management Team

Kyle Leissner,
President & Chief Executive Officer

Kyle W. Leissner serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of WireStar, Inc.  Mr. Leissner is an entrepreneur in the communications and computer industries with a vast knowledge of starting and managing businesses related to these two sectors.  Combining his experience in technology startups with his passion for creating innovative technologies, Mr. Leissner founded Wirestar, Inc. to bring a new wave of communication capabilities to the masses.  More

Jake W. Leissner,
Vice President

Jake is an experienced and seasoned real estate broker and business man with over 27 years of experience operating numeous companies in Houston. As a life-long Houstonian, whom graduated from Westchester High School in 1979 and Texas A&M University in 1983, Jake is actively involved, sharing executive responsibilities within the development, financing, and construction related activities at WireStar Networks. More

Outside Consultants



Fred R. Goldstein,

Telecom Consultant 

Fred R. Goldstein is the principal of Ionary Consulting. He advises clients on technical, regulatory and business issues related to the telecommunications, cable and Internet industries, especially in areas where they overlap. More

Kristopher E. Twomey,


Admitted in: Massachusetts, Columbia, Pending in California
College: University of New Hampshire
Law School: American University, Washington College of Law

Kris has practiced telecommunications and Internet law since 1997. After working for firms in Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, Kris started his own firm in 2002 continuing to represent ISPs, CLECs, and VoIP providers. The practice now has at least one client operating in every state in the U.S. Kris is a regular speaker at industry conventions including ISPCON and state ISP conventions.

Carol Lisowski,
Regulatory Compliance Manager

Carol most recently served as the Director of Regulatory Affairs for the CLEC Mpower, prior to its purchase by TelePacific Communications. She managed all aspects of tariff development, state and federal regulatory filings, and law enforcement requests and was in that position for eleven years. Prior to that, she worked for ten years for Sprint. Carol handles all regulatory compliance filings and tariffs for WireStar, Inc.