New Name, New Services

Aug 01, 2012

WireStar, Inc. doing business as WireStar Internet Services officially changes its name to WireStar Networks, Inc. In addition, our new website and product offering is released to the general public.


Monexa Bought DIALUP.CC

Jan 01, 2012

Monexa buys WireStar’s entire dialup customer base for an undisclosed amount. WireStar Internet Services no longer offers dialup services as part of the agreement.


Approval As CLEC by Texas PUC

Jun 03, 2009

The Texas Public Utility Commission approved WireStar, Inc. as a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier for the entire State of Texas.


WireStar Buys DIALUP.CC

Jan 08, 2008

WireStar Internet Services bought DIALUP.CC’s customer base and brand. All current DIALUP.CC
customers will be able to keep their email address and settings intact.


Dialup.CC Launches Nationwide

Aug 30, 2005

Dialup.CC launches it’s new nationwide dialup service. Utilizing O1 Communications and Level3’s
wholesale dialup network, DIALUP.CC is able to offer it’s new customer access to over 10,000 dialup
numbers across towns nationwide.