Data Access and Transport

Data Networking Solutions for your Business

Business moves fast and our robust selection of data networking solutions can get your company up to speed. We’ve built our business around being a reliable telecommunications partner to your business today and in the future. Our data networking services are run on our own switches and network infrastructure to provide you with optimal performance, security and efficiency.

Utilizing the latest technology and leveraging your current systems, we offer a suite of solutions to fit all of your data networking needs. From high bandwidth wireline solutions and T1-class wireless Internet to private networks and data protection, we provide a full spectrum of cost-efficient, powerful business services.

So whether you’re upgrading your current technology for a single location, connecting multiple offices in a wide area network or looking for data management and protection options, we have the solution to help your business grow.



Reap benefits of a Dedicated Internet Provider

There is a lot more to Internet access than the price tag and the size of the pipe. Dedicated Internet transport provides numerous benefits over cable and DSL technologies. Moreover, the network that your ISP utilizes to route your traffic plays a big role in the performance of your applications and speed in which you do business. When price is your sole criteria for buying Internet access, your business may be subject to productivity loss as well as a host of security issues.

Private Peering Internet Interconnects: WireStar has Private Peering agreements with the major traffic haulers such as Verizon, Level 3, and AT&T. This creates single hop connectivity and guarantees a direct path to the destination and back. So we’re able to route your traffic more quickly resulting in less latency and potential performance and applications improvements.

Superior Redundancy: Our network facilities are interconnected, which enables traffic to be automatically routed via BGP over the meshed network to another point of presence (POP) when needed. Smaller carriers may put your business connectivity at risk by creating single points of failures. If their luck runs out, so will yours.

Managed Routers and Security: A managed router comes standard with our Dedicated Internet Access. If the router breaks, it is replaced by a skilled WireStar technician. Other carriers drop ship a box and require you to replace the defective equipment, which may result in additional vendor charges.

Metro Private Line

Metro Private Line (MPL):

Do you have multiple locations networked together? Is it necessary for your wide area network to be autonomous from the Internet? Do you need to connect multiple buildings within a campus environment? Is the security of your company’s proprietary data mandated by industry regulations that require private line services?

Metro Private Line (MPL) provides network users with dedicated, digital transmission paths for linking locations that frequently exchange data and transfer voice calls. It does not provide connectivity to the Internet, but it does offer point-to-point service between two or more locations within the same metropolitan area and within Texas. WireStar also provides other private line services that can provide connectivity to locations outside of WireStar’s service area.


Metro Private Line is a physical circuit that connects two locations together, which means that your information does not transverse Layer 2 or 3 infrastructure like Frame Relay, ATM or MPLS. This increases the security of the transmissions.


Utilize your Metro Private Line to access voice and data services from other locations should “like-access” become unavailable at a single location.

One Provider

With services throughout the state of Texas, WireStar can service all your locations. One provider, one point of contact, one invoice.