A T3 line or DS3 line allows you to have a high bandwidth data service—up to a 45 Mbps port—for DIA and MPLS customers. T3 access comes in three versions:

  • T3 for Internet (clear channel): T3 is offered for Internet access (fractional or full) or MPLS VPN bandwidth. DIA or MPLS ports are available at 20, 30 and 45 Mbps.
  • Channelized T3 for T1 (28 T1s): ISDN PRI, SuperTrunk, Internet access, private wide area network and other T1 based services will be channelized (with a mux) and can be offered in any configuration on the T3
  • Point to Point DS3: T3 Metro Point-to-Point or T3 Long Haul Point-to-Point

T3 access includes:

  • T3 Local Loop (except in collocation)
  • IP address allocation up to a Class C (based on justification)
  • Primary/Secondary Domain Name Service (DNS) hosting
  • Network connection setup and testing