WireStar is the top DSL provider in Brazos County offering high-end symmetric DSL services that are ideal for business applications such as large virtual transfers, webinars and video conferencing, transaction processing such as credit card authorizations, and IPSec VPN (Virtual Private Networking for small, remote branch locations and remote access users). 

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Symmetric DSL (SDSL)

Our Symmetric DSL (SDSL) is a type of DSL circuit that provides the same download and upload speeds. SDSL is available in 416, 748, and 1040kbps data throughput. This service is delivered via a single copper pair and is ideal for business applications that would have otherwise been served by a more expensive T1. With SDSL, web sites and virtual downloads faster and multiple computers within a small branch or home office can connect at the same time allowing increased productivity and flexibility.

Symmetric High-Bitrate DSL (SHDSL)

Symmetric High-Bitrate DSL (SHDSL) provides high speed access to the internet over a single or multiple bonded SHDSL. The loops are bonded by utilizing inverse multiplexing technology (IMA) via central office equipment and CPE. SHDSL is dedicated and does not share bandwidth with other services. SHDSL is geographically limited to areas where WireStar copper services are available.

SHDSL is available in a wide range of data speeds from 512kbps to 45Mbps. Data rate options vary somewhat according to your distance from the central office.