Voice services

Communication is the foundation of successful business, so why trust your service to anyone else? Our voice services solutions are designed for small and medium sized businesses – businesses like yours that need services done right and done now.

Whether your business is operating with the hottest in PBX technology or capitalizing on existing infrastructure, we have the solutions your business needs to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity from both your legacy and next-generation technologies.

We offer a full spectrum of voice services for your business including the latest in IP innovation. Our network technology allows you to make the most of both past and future system investments, working with your existing phone systems to help you hold the line on CAPEX costs while ensuring access to next-generation services whenever you’re ready.

Integrated Voice & Data Access

Do your voice and data needs continuously fluctuate? With our SIP Service you can now use the dynamic capabilities of SIP technology to get the voice services you need while optimizing the data bandwidth available to improve employee productivity.

Up to 100 Mbps throughput and 120 call paths: WireStar offers transport to provide a throughput of up to 120 call paths and 100Mbps of bandwidth in 1Mbps increments. When employees are not making phone calls, the access facility is fully available for data traffic. Of course, voice takes priority so when an employee makes or receives a call, WireStar’s network immediately allocates bandwidth to the voice traffic, but only as long as the call is in process. Once the call is over, the bandwidth is again available for data traffic.

Use existing telephony equipment or next-gen IP PBXs: WireStar as an SIP service uses an advanced telephony platform for call control and voice features to deliver SIP-based voice from your premises to the PSTN. The SIP service terminates at your premises and can be converted to a traditional business phone line service interface - Business Lines, PRI, CAS - or as SIP directly to your LAN. These options support both existing telephony equipment and next generation IP PBXs.

Get more value with advanced voice codecs: WireStar’s SIP network is built with G.729 codecs, an advanced voice encoding that only requires 32Kbps for each voice call. Many IP networks still use the more traditional G.711 codec which requires 88Kbps for each voice call, which leaves less bandwidth for data. With G.729, we can easily support up to 24 voice calls on 1Mbps business class broadband coverage including T1 Access, Bonded T1 or Ethernet.

Eliminate POTS lines for faxing: Traditional VoIP networks have struggled to support fax services; WireStar Networks, however, has engineered its SIP network to cleanly support faxing on the same IAD and network access facilities. We fully support T.38 for FoIP.


WireStar’s advanced SIP network supports ISDN PRI and CAS network connections. The WireStar managed gateway at your premises can support as few as 4 voice channels. You don’t need to purchase more voice capacity than you need. For larger businesses, we supports up to 92 PRI or 72 CAS channels, allowing you to evenly distribute all incoming calls across your PBX. And since the voice channels are only physically in place at your premises, the WireStar SIP network will dynamically allocate bandwidth to data traffic when your employees are not using their phones.

Business Lines

WireStar’s Business Lines provides an analog network connection that works with stand-alone analog handsets or Key Telephone Systems. Supporting between 4 and 24 lines with up to 100Mbps of dedicated Internet access, this business phone line provides you with maximum flexibility on your voice and data requirements.

SIP Trunking

WireStar Networks can provide a SIP hand-off to your LAN for a direct connection to IP PBX systems. Less premises equipment is required because the SIP voice traffic isn’t being converted to a traditional protocol like ISDN PRI or CAS. So you no longer need to purchase T1 Cards or make room for multiple terminating gateways and channel banks.

A powerful but evolving protocol: SIP requires cooperative interoperability testing and support between service providers and equipment manufacturers. Not all SIP enabled equipment works seamlessly with each other. WireStar thoroughly tests interoperability between leading IP PBX systems and provides clear documentation to customers and their equipment vendors on how to provision a system to support SIP trunks on the WireStar network.

WireStar also understands the heightened threat of IP telephony fraud and other vulnerabilities that IP PBX systems have when connected to VoIP networks. WireStar recommends that customers use firewalls to protect their IP PBX systems from viruses, hacking, and other similar types of threats. To that extent, we’ve standardized on using Adtran CPE devices with built in firewalls to enable customers to keep or deploy any firewall they choose to project their LAN.

Skilled IP telephony operational teams need to know SIP: The WireStar Network Operational Center (NOC) Team is specifically trained on IP telephony and SIP technology. From initial service qualification through turn-up, we communicate, educate and assist customers and vendors with the technical nuances of SIP interoperability.

Hosted Voice PBX

Increase productivity, gain geographic flexibility plus real time disaster recovery options with WireStar Hosted Voice. With our Hosted Voice, you get a full-featured Hosted IP PBX solution without the cost of purchasing a PBX or key system. Receive voicemail as email, forward calls to multiple phones and more. It's just a click to use our simple web-based management tool to gain on-demand system management control and instant user customization.

WireStar Hosted Voice is fully scalable solution that can grow as your business evolves. If you're fearful of purchasing equipment that might quickly become outdated, WireStar Hosted Voice allows you to add features and services as they become available.

Ask us how an all-inclusive service bundle can reduce spend and provide one easy solution for your business.

Hosted Voice from WireStar is a state-of-the-art, full-featured Hosted IPPBX solution, which eliminates the cost of purchasing and maintaining a PBX or key system. Hosted Voice is an affordable managed network solution that delivers significant advantages such as increased productivity, geographic flexibility, real time disaster recovery and reduced technology risk.

Gain the Advantage for Your Business Today

  • Scalable fully managed flexible solution that grows as your business evolves
  • Gain enterprise unified communications features without the complexity and capital expense of a new phone system. Receive voicemail as email, forward calls to multiple phones and more
  • Protect against hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes and other disasters with flexible routing options so you never lose communications with customers
  • Use a simple web-based management tool that provides both system management control and user customization
  • Minimize operating expenses with an all-inclusive service bundle
  • Avoid purchasing technology that quickly becomes obsolete – simply add features and services as they become available
  • Work with one provider with quality of service on the WireStar Network