Satellite Television

At WireStar Networks we are all about giving our customers choice. WireStar Networks is proud to offer both DirecTV and Dish Network satellite television services. Our sales agents will consult you to ensure that you select the right package and brand that meets your viewing needs and expectations. By being an authorized dealer for both DirecTV and Dish Network, WireStar Networks guarantees you will get the best value in digital video possible.

WireStar Networks is able to offer special local discounts and promotions that are typically not available by going directly with Dish Network or DirecTV.

For example, bundle WireStar's internet and voice services with satellite television services purchased through WireStar, and receive a $10 monthly recurring combined discount! Plus get free equipment and installation from friendly and local WireStar technicians. This offer is only available to new DirecTV subscribers, but available to both existing and new WireStar customers.

Contact us today at 888-999-1525 to get the latest information about our current promotions and packages.


WireStar Networks has partnered with DirecTV, the leader in satellite television services, to offer our customers an amazing deal. If a WireStar customer signs up for DirecTV service through WireStar, then the will be eligible for a combined savings of $10 a month for the 24 month term of the DirecTV contract.

This offer is only available to new Dish Network subscribers, but available to both current and existing WireStar customers. Please contact us for more information.

Save $5 off DirecTV + $5 off WireStar Networks Internet Services = $10 Bundled Discount per month.

  • Get two bills a month
    • One from WireStar Networks for Broadband Internet and Voice Services with a $5 monthly discount
    • One from DirecTV for Television services, with a $5 monthly discount off their already low discounted pricing.
  • Customer must Autopay by credit or debit card with both service
  • Customer must pass a credit check and sign a two year contract to be eligible for free equipment from DirecTV. If customer moves house or locations within the two year term that is alright as DirecTV allows up to one free move per year, and DirecTV’s coverage area is anywhere within the United States. If customer moves to an area where DirecTV is either unable to be received or not allowed to place a dish, then DirecTV will allow the customer out of the contract.

For more information on Dish Network’s pricing and packages please visit PLEASE NOTE: If you signup through DirecTV’s website or sales support number instead of WireStar’s you won’t receive the monthly $10 bundled discount. You can expect to pay their current promotional pricing on their website minus a $5 discount for bundling with WireStar’s services.